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The Perry County Single Parent Support Fund

What is the Project?

The Community Foundation for Perry County (CFPC) invites you to join us in building the Perry County Single Parent Support Fund. This endowment fund will support need and service gaps for single parents in Perry County, with priority for single mothers. By helping parents achieve their basic, educational, and career needs, the Perry County Single Parent Support Fund will help pave a better way for parents their children, ultimately the possibility of making a difference for that family for many generations.

We Called. You Answered.

A former resident of Perry County and World War II veteran, has a passion to help single parents in Perry County today and in the future. When he issued a challenge for this cause, those with a heart for the parents and children of Perry County answered. This donor promised $50,000 to the Fund if others would combine their gifts to match him. On March 15, 2021, the match was raised!

The matching donor shared how he had been successful in his career and what he accomplished – but much of the work was temporary. He says the true accomplishment is in what we give for others, which not only positively affects individuals but also their family for many generations to come. And, he feels supporting single parents is a tremendous investment in the future of families, and, essentially, the future of communities of Perry County.

This has inspired many to become part of this work and you can join us too.

What Impact Will My Gift Have?

Resources of the fund will be permanently invested to support annual grant awards focused on making a difference for single parent Perry County families. While specific grant criteria are still being crafted, CFPC anticipates the fund will bridge gaps for single parents who need help providing basic needs and support single parents in their pursuit of educational and career goals.

Is There an Opportunity for My Gift to Be Matched?

Yes! Right now, the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio is offering a match of 50 cents to every dollar given to this endowment. Every donor can secure $5,000 in match through this opportunity.

If you want to give dollars that will go out to support families today then there’s a match for that too! There is $5,000 in dollar-for-dollar match available for gifts to make awards in 2021.

How Can I Give?

Give online below to see your gift matched.

Gifts by cash, credit card, IRA transfer, or stock transfer will also qualify for the match.

These extra matching dollars are open to all FAO endowment funds and will go quickly! Don’t miss your chance to make an even greater difference for Perry County families.

Gifts may also be made by cash, credit card, IRA transfer, or stock transfer anytime.

Gifts can be sent to Perry County Single Parents Support Fund, P.O. Box 456, Nelsonville, Ohio 45674.

To learn more about how to give in the way that’s best for you, please feel free to call the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio at 740-753-1111 or email Tracy Mann at

Volunteer to Spread Awareness

If you would like to help share the news of this project with churches, civic groups, businesses, and/or friends who may be interested in building the Perry County Single Parents Support Fund, please contact us today!


Tony Fiore, CFPC

Mayor Tom Johnson, CFPC

Tim Sword, CFPC

Tracy Mann, Foundation for Appalachian Ohio

About the Community Foundation for Perry County

The Community Foundation for Perry County was established in 2011 by a small, volunteer group of individuals from within the county and others that grew up and still have family and friends in the county. Since 2011, The Foundation was created to develop a sustainable, non-partisan way for individuals to build charitable, tax-exempt funds to be used solely to improve Perry County. CFPC has grown to a family of 15 various funds with a combined total of over 1 million dollars. Each of the funds has unique purposes and goals, ultimately fulfilling the dreams of CFPC of increasing opportunities for Perry County. Click here to read more about CFPC.