Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight

Jo Ellen Diehl Yeary | Generosity rooted in pride, remembrance, dedication to home

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Mission, Vision, Values


To create opportunities for Appalachian Ohio’s citizens and communities by inspiring and supporting philanthropy.


For the citizens of Appalachian Ohio to live in a region abundant with possibilities.


Multi-Generational Responsibility – To embrace the responsibility of stewarding today’s decisions in ways that advance the current and long-term interests of Appalachian Ohio’s citizens.
Accountability – In everything we do, we are committed to being honest, simple, direct, and true to our mission and donors.
Focus – Appalachian Ohio is a big region with many needs, and we embrace the reality that we must work strategically, focusing our energy on the activities we are best positioned to advance and activities that result in a lasting difference for the people of Appalachian Ohio.
Optimism – To strive to see opportunities rather than challenges, to seek out new possibilities to advance and leverage the region’s potential, and to champion Appalachian Ohio’s achievements and citizens with pride.
Learning – We seek to listen to as well as learn from and with our donors, region, and communities, continually increasing the value we add to the lives of Appalachian Ohio’s citizens.
Love – Philanthropy is an expression of “love for humanity,” and FAO was formed and is energized by our love for Appalachian Ohio’s people and culture.