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Donor Spotlight

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Leadership 100

A brand new model of philanthropic support has been created in Appalachian Ohio!

Leadership 100 is a working capital campaign modeled after the way private sector businesses go public to support their expansion goals through the sale of shares of stock to investors. FAO exceeded its goal of raising 100 shares of $32,000 apiece by raising more than 106 shares totaling more than $3.4 million.

FAO Leadership 100 Bell RInging from Foundation for Appalachian Ohio on Vimeo.

Each “share” in Leadership 100 is a gift to underwrite the operational costs of FAO’s work with the region to build $100 million in new philanthropic endowments. Since Leadership 100 was launched in April of 2014, more than 75 individuals, businesses, and organizations have become shareholders, together providing support for FAO’s expansion.

With support from Leadership 100, FAO will launch a $100 million campaign, which will include work to build five regional grantmaking endowments called the Pillars of Prosperity.

Leadership 100 has only been possible because of our shareholders. Listen to what a few have said about why they became a part of Leadership 100.

Leadership 100 from Foundation for Appalachian Ohio on Vimeo.


Individual Shareholders                                        
Anonymous Shareholders (11)              Shirley McClelland
Greg and Eileen Adams                        Geoff and Denise Morgan
Shirley Dunlap Bowser                          Dave and Valerie Scholl
Cara and Dominick Brook                     William Guy Spriggs
Mike and Pam Brooks                           Rob Stein
Kenner and Margene Bush                   Alan and Susan Stockmeister
Marianne Campbell                               Ron and Calista Strickmaker
Jeff Chaddock                                       Bruce and Marilyn Wentworth
Susie Conner                                        Bill Wells
Terry Conner                                         David Wilhelm
Sally Evans                                           Wilson Family In Memory of
Terry Fleming                                                   Congressman Charlie Wilson
Clay and Alice Graham                         Ryan and Carol Wright
Michael Holtz                                        Jo Ellen Diehl Yeary
Bonny and Jack Huffman                     Nancy Lusk Zimpher
John and Char Kopchick
Cathy Mayne Lyttle and Jeff Lyttle
in honor of the Mayne Family


Business Shareholders
Bellisio Foods                                    Peoples BankCorp Foundation
Chevron                                             Pioneer Pipe
Columbia Pipeline Group                  Reliable Staffing Services and
Duke Energy                                                 Mt. Zion Animal Clinic
Gulfport Energy                                 Rocky Brands
JPMorgan Chase                              STAR Engineering
McDonald Hopkins                           Statoil Energy
U.S. Bank

Organization Shareholders
FAO Board of Trustees
Baird Brothers Company Foundation
ICF FoundationFinance Fund
Kidd Family Foundation
Longaberger Foundation
Longleaf Foundation
Schooler Family Foundation
Sara Lee Stevens-Youngs Family Memorial Fund
J.W. and M.H. Straker Charitable Foundation

Group Shareholders
Clyde Gosnell, Tad Jeffrey, Jennifer and David Simon, Tom and Joyce Johnson,
and Louise Warner