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Donor Spotlight

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Additional Grant Resources

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio serves as a resource for the region. We hope one of the organizations below will be of help to you as you seek grants to support your work.

Appalachian Regional Commission Online Resource Center

Provides help for Appalachian communities planning and working on economic and human development programs; assists in finding and applying for public and private grants, regional statistics and other resources.

Community Health Loan Fund

Provides flexible financing for eligible health and wellness-related projects serving low-income populations. This fund was developed to expand health care access for disadvantaged people by increasing the number and capacity of health and wellness centers in Ohio – especially in rural and urban areas where fewer health care centers are located.

Foundation Center

The Center maintains a comprehensive database to enable grant seekers to locate funders. It also provides resources and tools for grant seekers as well as research, education, and training programs.


For nonprofit organizations seeking legal information. Provides more than 2,500 Internet resources to help nonprofit organizations with their legal and management questions. The site is sponsored by the Ohio State Bar Foundation and maintained by OANO.

OANO – Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations

Provides leadership, education, and advocacy to enhance the ability of Ohio’s nonprofit organizations to serve their communities.

OEDb – Open Education Database

Offers a comprehensive look at higher education in Ohio, including an interactive school search tool and information on how Ohio compares to other states in terms of average tuition, test scores, and enrollment.