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Early Childhood Education Fund for Appalachian Ohio

We believe in the children of Appalachia and their dreams. They inspire us. And we want to invest in their potential.

What if we could make a big difference in their future with a small investment in their earliest years?

Early childhood education gives us the chance to help all of our children. We’ve all seen a child marvel at a new toy, explore the pages of a book, and investigate a fallen leaf. “School” for our youngest children is hands-on. It’s play that helps them harness their natural curiosity and turn it into the building blocks of learning for life. That’s why our kids need more than just a safe place during their days. All of our children, especially those who are more economically disadvantaged, need high quality learning environments that are rich in language, encouragement, and exploration.

As we’ve heard so many times, children in lower-income homes have a 30-million-word gap with their more affluent peers by age three.Since oral language and vocabulary are so connected to reading comprehension, the most disadvantaged children face increased challenges once they enter school and start learning to read.

Access to quality early childhood education can change the game and has long-term effects for our children’s education, health, and future.

We can create more opportunities for the region’s children if we start creating those opportunities early.

Plus, it makes economic sense…

If our future workforce is already behind when they arrive at the school doors then they, and we, are always trying to catch up. If they can begin school ready for kindergarten, then we see the results from third grade reading scores onward.

According to the Philadelphia Federal Reserve, while the return on social benefits to children and families is great, research has found that the public benefits from quality early childhood education is even greater. Early childhood education results in “lower social costs (like lower crime costs) as well as higher school achievement, educational attainment, and earnings”, yielding increased tax revenue.

Our hearts know it’s the right investment to make, but economics also agree. Which is why you should consider an investment in the Early Childhood Education Fund. 

Together, we can make a greater investment in our children from the very beginning. The Early Childhood Education Fund for Appalachian Ohio is dedicated to our youngest children of Appalachia and is growing permanent dollars to support them for generations through:

  • Promoting greater access for children
  • Ensuring a successful transition from early childhood to kindergarten
  • Supporting our early childhood education providers, teachers, and staff
  • Creating scholarships for children to attend programs
  • Encourage enrollment for our most vulnerable children
  • And more…

Join us today to make an impact that will grow with children for years. 

Gifts to the Early Childhood Education Fund for Appalachian Ohio are tax deductible and can be made in many ways, including cash, bequests, and life insurance. Donations can be made online by designating the Early Childhood Education Fund for Appalachian Ohio when donating. To mail your donation, please designate the fund and mail to the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, PO Box 456, Nelsonville, OH 45764.