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Donor Spotlight

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Harrison County Community Foundation Puzzle for Prosperity

Harrison County logo 1aThe Harrison County Community Foundation (HCCF) was founded in 2012 to create opportunities in our county and to give use all a place where we can give back to make the biggest difference in Harrison County. Though young, HCCF has been growing permanent funds to invest in our county’s nonprofits, schools, and communities.
But we need your help to grow this foundation today. In growing the endowment for Harrison County now, we will be creating permanent resources that can make grants in
the near future while also providing the resources that generations to come will need to address our county’s most pressing needs and pursue its most exciting opportunities.

Our Puzzle for Prosperity is designed to do just that by raising $1 million in endowment by 2022.

What Will Be Possible Because of the Puzzle for Prosperity?

When we’ve raised $1 million for the HCCF through the Puzzle for Prosperity, we will see in grants across our county grow by fifty-fold. Right now, our young HCCF can award $1,000 each year, but with a complete puzzle we will see $50,000 in grants going into our community every year. They can include grants to arts and culture, community and economic development, education, environmental stewardship, health and human services, and anything else we can together dream up that will build a more prosperous county.

How Can I Be A Piece of the Puzzle?

orange white puzzle countyWith a gift of $5,000 anyone can add a piece to the puzzle. When 200 pieces come
together, we will have $1 million in endowment for the benefit of Harrison County, its nonprofits, schools, and citizens.

Help us complete the puzzle today and let’s get to work on tomorrow’s picture of Harrison County. 

Will you be a piece of the puzzle? 

Want to Learn More?

Contact Jim Rocchi, Director of Outreach for the Harrison County Community Foundation.