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Ora Anderson Conservation Fund at the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio

  Ora Anderson

Environmentalprotection has become a particularly prominent issue in recent years,but naturalist Ora Anderson was passionate about conservation longbefore global warming became a household phrase. His dedication topreserving the natural beauty of Appalachian Ohio dated back to the1930s when he was a young reporter and editor covering theestablishment of the Wayne National Forest.

Over the nextseven decades, Anderson was a tireless advocate for conservation inthis region. He became the president of the Ohio Forestry Associationand chairman of the Ohio Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, among otherthings. He was also a keen observer of nature, authoring several essaysand poems and carving replications of the birds he saw. Shortly beforehis death, he narrated a documentary on the history of the WayneNational Forest. He was posthumously inducted into the Ohio Departmentof Natural Resources Hall of Fame, which is the state’s highestconservation honor.

When Anderson passed away in 2006 at theage of 94, his family and friends decided it would be appropriate tostart an endowed fund in his name through the Foundation forAppalachian Ohio. The Ora E. Anderson Conservation Fund now exists toprovide a permanent source of charitable funding for conservationactivities and programs in the areas of watershed restoration,sustainable forest practices and promotion of the region’s cultural andenvironmental history. Through this fund, Anderson’s legacy ofprotecting the natural beauty of Appalachian Ohio continues.

Giftscan be made to this fund in the form of cash, appreciated stocks, realestate or other assets. All gifts are added to the endowment, which isinvested over time and is a permanent source of community capital thatwill impact environmental conservation in Appalachian Ohio inperpetuity. As the endowment grows, so will the number and amount ofthe grants made from this fund.

The fund’s advisory committeeis responsible for making distribution recommendations to theFoundation. The committee awards funding to projects and organizationsthat are actively carrying out Anderson’s vision of preserving thenatural beauty of Appalachian Ohio.

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Make an online donation to the Ora E. Anderson Conservation Fund or contact the Foundation at 740-753-1111.