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Lee Beckett Legacy Scholarship

Applications accepted from February 15, 2021 through March 15, 2021

The Lee Beckett Legacy Scholarship Fund annually provides scholarship oppoleertunities for graduating Nelsonville-York seniors pursuing post-secondary studies, to ensure youth have the opportunity to continue their academic endeavors after high school. The scholarship fund is established to honor Mrs. Lee Beckett and her work to support countless students throughout her forty-three years of teaching. Beckett’s first teaching position was at the then York High School, and the encouragement and support she provided students enabled them to believe in their ability to succeed.

Throughout her teaching career, Mrs. Beckett went above and beyond to support the success of her students – whether assisting with scholarship applications or helping secure part-time jobs, her mentorship enabled students to realize their goals.

Eligibility Requirements and Criteria:

  • Applicants must be a graduating senior of Nelsonville-York High School.
  • Plan to pursue post-secondary education, either full or part-time, at an accredited trade or technical training program, community college, college or university.
  • Student applicants must have at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.00 scale.
  • A personal essay demonstrating balance in life activity and community engagement – academic, extracurricular, employment and volunteer service.
  • Scholarship recipients agree to participate in ten hours of community service, five hours per semester (or 2.5 per quarter), during the academic year of the scholarship award. Interim reports detailing volunteer work and their post-secondary studies must be supplied to FAO (form to be provided to recipients by FAO).

Amount of Award

Awards will be made to a male and female graduating senior from Nelsonville-York. Awards and amounts vary annually, depending on availability of funds. Scholarship awards are made payable directly to the institution of enrollment on the student’s behalf, for all education-related expenses.