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Donor Spotlight

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Donald R. Myers Legacy Fund

2024 Grant Application:

Grant applications for 2024 funding closed March 12, 2024.

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donaldThe Donald R. Myers Legacy Fund to Support Partnership in Appalachian Ohio is a permanent source of funding to encourage and support Appalachian Ohio’s nonprofit and government organizations in collaborative activities that benefit quality of life. Grant distributions from the fund will make a difference in the areas Don Myers worked so passionately to promote, including: education, regional networking opportunities, support for community leaders, and fulfillment of basic needs. The fund’s investments will be advised by representatives from Appalachian Ohio’s local development districts, the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance, Appalachian Ohio’s private sector, and Don Myers’ family.

To contribute:

  • Designate your gift to the Donald R. Myers Legacy Fund through the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio.
  • Gifts can be provided in a number of ways, including: cash, check, real estate, appreciated stocks, life insurance
  • Donate online or mail gifts to: Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, PO Box 456, Nelsonville, Ohio 45764

Celebrating the Legacy of Mr. Donald R. Myers

Those blessed to work with Don Myers through his service as the executive director of the Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Alliance (OMEGA) and president of the Eastern Ohio Development Alliance (EODA) will always be encouraged by remembering the fiery way he championed the needs of our communities in the government halls of Washington DC. Don Myers’ advocacy garnered countless financial investments to support Appalachia’s progress in meeting basic needs such as gaining the infrastructures necessary to quality-of-life and economic progress.

As we celebrate Don Myers’ legacy of leadership, we cherish memories of time spent with him in the banquet halls of eastern Ohio. We remember jokes he told and unbeatable Amish food. And, we reflect that as he called us together, he provided the opportunities that enabled our region’s leaders, organizations and communities to work as a team in moving eastern Ohio and the broader Appalachian region forward.

Remembering Don Myers’ passionate concern for basic, often over-looked needs, will always serve as a source of refreshment for our own individual commitments to make a difference with the opportunities we’ve been given. While we celebrate the significant difference made by such a very special person, we also realize many basic needs remain and the potential to make a difference through regional partnership and learning is endless.

Celebrating the legacy of Donald Myers is a call to pick up and advance his many dreams for progress and the Donald R. Myers Legacy Fund is a meaningful way to join together in making a significant difference – today and, through the power of endowment, far beyond our life spans.

The Foundation especially thanks Columbia Gas of Ohio for its leadership in making this avenue of support available to our region through a contribution of $10,000 to ensure the Donald R. Myers Legacy Fund became a reality. The fund is a tremendous resource for our region, and we at the Foundation look forward to its continued growth and development.