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Donor Spotlight

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Meigs County Community Fund

The Meigs County Community Fund was created in 2011 to increase and advance philanthropic activities in Meigs County. The Meigs County Community Fund works to attract philanthropic resources in the form of gifts, grants, or bequests to benefit the broader community. It helps everyone give back to Meigs County so the community can invest grants to benefit Meigs County residents.

Gifts to the Meigs County Community Fund are tax deductible and can be made in many ways, including cash, bequests, and life insurance. Donations can be made online by designating the Meigs County Community Fund when donating. To mail your donation, please designate the Meigs County Community Fund and mail to the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio, PO Box 456, Nelsonville, OH 45764.

Before the Meigs County Community Fund, many charitable gifts were leaving the community. When residents wanted to make a gift that would benefit the whole community for the long-term, they were looking for partners outside of the county who might have been able to help them. Now, with a fund focused on benefiting Meigs County by investing in its nonprofits, schools, and students, they can give back to Meigs County in Meigs County.

And they in the midst of a bold campaign that will not only make history, but celebrate it too. Endow 200 celebrates Meigs County’s 200th birthday by bringing together 200 gifts of $3,000 each. With gifts stretching over five years that means anyone can be a part of the effort for just $50 a month. These dollars will go into a permanent endowment that will allow the Meigs County Community Fund to make grants each year while also growing the dollars available for the community.

“Throughout Meigs County, novel ideas and elbow grease are working to expand opportunities for our neighbors,” said Jennifer Sheets, a committee member of the Meigs County Community Fund. “By launching Endow 200, the Meigs County Community Fund will be able to invest homegrown dollars into ideas that will have an impact on our local communities.”

Whether you call Meigs County home today or are looking to give back to a place where you grew up, everyone now has the chance to make a difference in Meigs for generations.

The Meigs County Community Fund is led by a volunteer commitee with strong ties to the Meigs County community. Meigs County Community Fund committee members include:

  • Ryan Buckley
  • Susan Clark
  • John Hoback
  • Tom Hunter
  • Barb Musser
  • Paul Reed
  • Charlene Rutherford
  • Jennifer Sheets
  • Linda Warner

The Meigs County Community Fund Family of Funds includes:

  • The Meigs County Community Fund
  • Forrest Bachtel Scholarship Fund
  • Chester Shade Historical Association Fund
  • Karr-Aanestad K9 Foundation Fund
  • Meigs Performing Arts Center Fund
  • New Haven School Fund