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Donor Spotlight

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Guernsey County Foundation

The Guernsey County Foundation could be described as a “friend raiser”
for charitable funds benefiting Guernsey County. By leading others to
open component funds for the county with the
Foundation for Appalachian Ohio.

We are excited to announce the Guernsey County Foundation exceeded its goal to reach
the $5 million mark—$5.6 M!!


The Guernsey County Foundation has reached a significant milestone that bodes well for numerous worthwhile entities, and also reflects magnificently on the local spirit of philanthropy.

The Foundation’s trustees gathered recently to celebrate achieving an asset base of $5.6 million for the benefit of the economic, cultural and educational climate in Guernsey County.

This growth is significant. When it began as the Cambridge Foundation in 1988 the Guernsey County Foundation had assets of around $25,000. In 2005, the asset base was about $100,000. In 2007 it reached $1 million.

The Guernsey County Foundation receives contributions and bequests of all sizes from individuals, corporations and foundations to assist in the funding of projects and charitable organizations. The Foundation is both a recipient vehicle of financial gifts and a distributor of grants to area organizations that meet established guidelines.

There are now some 30 members of the Guernsey County Foundation family of funds. All of the funds in the family of funds for Guernsey County have independent advisory boards.

According to Maribeth Wright, president of the Guernsey County Foundation board of trustees, the success of the local Foundation has made it a model of successful smaller community foundations for the FAO. As an example, Gulfport Energy was so impressed by the work of the Guernsey County Foundation that it started the Gulfport Energy Fund at the FAO and pledged long-term philanthropy and investing in regions where it does business.

Cara Dingus Brook, president and CEO of FAO, said recently, “Guernsey County has shown such foresight and leadership in growing the Guernsey County Foundation. It has a mission of creating opportunities for generations of Guernsey County citizens.”

“The advisory committee of the Guernsey County Foundation is excited about the opportunities for community improvement made possible by the FAO component funds”, said Maribeth Wright, president of the Guernsey County Foundation Advisory Committee. “The guidance we have received from the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio has been invaluable,” Wright continued, “We could not be where we are today without the help of FAO.”

Make a secure online donation to the Guernsey Family of Funds – be sure to name the fund you would like your contribution to be applied to in the Designation box.

The FAO Family of Funds for Guernsey County and other funds also of benefit to the county include:

  • Guernsey County Foundation Fund
  • Guernsey County Senior Citizen Center Fund
  • Gulfport Energy Fund
  • Miriam Hawes Legacy Endowment Fund
  • Mary Kackley-Brill Scholarship Fund
  • Leadership Guernsey Fund
  • The Living Word Outdoor Drama Endowment Fund
  • Madison High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
  • James R. Milligan Legacy Fund
  • Frank and Esther Ricketts Memorial Fund
  • Kevin Ritz Family Foundation Fund
  • Paul Sayanek Scholarship Fund
  • Winnie Mae Sharpe Education Scholarship Fund
  • Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center – Guernsey Health Foundation Fund
  • Doug Steele Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Sara Lee Stevens-Youngs Family Memorial Fund
  • Loran and Shirley Stutz Fund
  • Loran & Shirley Stutz Scholarship Fund
  • Tostenson Family Foundation Fund
  • United Way of Guernsey, Monroe, and Noble Endowment Fund