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Accredited Community Foundation

What does that Accredited Community Foundation seal mean?


The Accredited Community Foundation seal on FAO’s homepage and often seen by our name means the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio has met the most rigorous standards in philanthropy. Adopting and adhering to high standards is the best way we can demonstrate our ongoing commitment to maintaining the trust of our donors and the region.

Having been reconfirmed for compliance by the Council on Foundations in 2012 after first receiving the designation in 2006, the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio underwent an extensive review of our organizational and financial policies and procedures. The 43 Accreditations require the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio to document its policies in donor services, investment management, grantmaking, and administration.

The Accredited Community Foundations Program (formally known as National Standards) was established in 2000 in cooperation with the Council on Foundations.  The program guides community foundations in establishing legal, ethical, and effective operational practices that serve as blueprints for internal development and benchmarks for external assessment. The review for confirmation is performed by trained, experienced community foundation practitioners and is the same for all foundations, regardless of size.

Accreditation is the most stringent test of a community foundation’s best practices anywhere. As FAO continues to grow, we are committed to maintaining the high legal, professional, and ethical standards this certification requires in order for FAO to be nationally recognized. Appalachian Ohio deserves nothing less.