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Southern Perry County Academic Endowment Fund Announces 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Fifteen Southern Local School District Alumni Receive 
Over $11,000 in Scholarship Awards

Corning, OH – The Southern Perry County Academic Endowment Fund (SPCAEF) is pleased to announce its 2016 scholarship award recipients. Scholarships from the SPCAEF support students from the Southern Local School District in pursuing their post-secondary education and their life’s goals. This year, 15 students received over $11,000 in scholarship awards from SPCAEF.

“We cannot wait to see what these young people do with their lives and for their Perry County community in the future,” said Lynann Bolyard, a committee member with the SPCAEF. “We hope these scholarships are the first step along their way.”

SPCAEF was established in in 1987 to create resources to promote academic experiences for residents of the Southern Local School district. A member of the Community Foundation for Perry County’s Family of Funds, SPCAEF partners with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) to provide scholarships as well as community mini-grants to promote academic excellence and enrichment opportunities for Southern Local School District residents.

2016 SPCAEF scholarship recipients include:

Makayla Alexander is the 2016 recipient of the Ben and Alyce Shaver Scholarship. Ben Shaver, former president of the Ohio County Superintendents Association, established the scholarship fund with the hope that it would help young people establish strong foundations for their lives.

Makayla Alexander, Garrett Bartley, Korrie Block, Clinton Boring, Hannah Dishon, Austin Collins, Sanae Dutiel, Autumn Garbline, Haley Hurst, Andrew Jeffers, Stephan McGrath, Chelsea Spergin, and Traven Wood are all 2016 recipients of scholarships made possible by the Jesse, Olema, and Ralph Drake Scholarship Fund.

Garrett Bartley and Hannah Dishon are the 2016 recipients of the Briggs Family Scholarship.

Additional scholarships awarded through SPCAEF in 2016 include:

  • The Jack and Clara Reho Scholarship to Garrett Bartley;
  • SPCAEF Scholarship to Hannah Dishon;
  • The John & Elise Exenkemper Scholarship and the Charlene Joseph Scholarship to Austin Collins;
  • The Paul and Charlotte Hope and the Vincent and Gene Hope Scholarship to Sanae Dutiel;
  • The Shawnee Alumni Association Scholarship to Autumn Garbline;
  • The Commander Lambert Scholarship to Chelsea Spergin;
  • The Robert, Charles, and Elizabeth Woodruff Scholarship to Traven Wood;
  • The William and Frances Dunlap Scholarship to Haley Hurst;
  • The Catherine Blankenship Scholarship to Aubrey Hand;
  • The Joseph and Marie Litchenstein Scholarship to Andrew Jeffers;
  • The Donald and Catherine Palmer Scholarship to Clinton Boring;
  • The Bruce and Dolores Hannah Scholarship to Korrie Block; and
  • The Murray and Lulu Brown Scholarship to Stephan McGrath.


The SPCAEF’s Family of Funds is composed of 20 donor-established funds which offer a variety of scholarships to support students in different areas of study to pursue varied interests. Students can identify one or multiple scholarships suited to their educational plans.

SPCAEF scholarship applications open annually in the spring. To stay up-to-date on the SPCAEF and other scholarship deadlines, sign up for FAO’s e-newsletter by visiting

Scholarships like those awarded by the Southern Perry County Academic Endowment Fund make the pursuit of post-secondary education possible for students throughout our region. To learn more about SPCAEF or how you can support scholarships for Appalachian Ohio students, please contact the Foundation at 740.753.1111 or visit

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