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Ora E. Anderson Conservation Fund

Ora E. Anderson Conservation Fund for Appalachian Ohio
Helping local communities build a healthy environment
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Ora E. Anderson:
Ora Anderson’s passion for land conservation and wildlife protection spanned more thanOra E. Anderson seven decades. As a young reporter and editor in the 1930s, he chronicled the establishment of the Wayne National Forest. Throughout his long and varied life of 94 years, Anderson wore many hats, including that of president of the Ohio Forestry Association and chairman of the Ohio Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, which named the O.E. Anderson Compass Plant Prairie State Nature Preserve in Lawrence County in his honor.

Shortly before his death, Anderson’s career in conservation came full circle when he narrated a documentary on the history of the Wayne National Forest.
In 2006 he was posthumously inducted into the ODNR Hall of Fame, the State’s highest conservation honor. Most recently, the Wayne National Forest established the Ora E. Anderson Nature Trail at the Rutherford Wetland near Carbon Hill (Nelsonville).

A gift to the Ora E. Anderson Conservation Fund for Appalachian Ohio allows you and your family to help preserve and enhance our region’s landscape and the natural environment unique to the 29 counties of Appalachian Ohio. The purpose of the Fund is to provide a permanent source of charitable funding for conservation activities and programs in the areas of watershed restoration, sustainable forest practices and promotion of the region’s cultural and environmental history.

Sharing Environmental Values

Friends and admirers of Ora E. Anderson say contributing to an endowment fund in his honor allows them to carry on his legacy and lifelong passion for the continuing return of forestlands, promote enjoyment of the region’s natural resources and strengthen our connection to all natural areas within Appalachian Ohio. Establishing the Ora E. Anderson Conservation Fund for Appalachian Ohio at the Foundation has helped Anderson’s supporters meet this initial goal. Through working with FAO, conservation-minded citizens are able to focus their charitable donations on the issues that matter to them most, while FAO handles the administrative and investment responsibilities of the Fund.

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