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Donor Spotlight

Jo Ellen Diehl Yeary | Generosity rooted in pride, remembrance, dedication to home

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West Union Schools Alumni Fund

The Fund Makes Change Possible

West Union High SchoolThrough the inspiration of a visionary alumnus, the West Union Schools Alumni & Friends Educational Fund was established through an initial, generous donation to foster growth and development in the schools, forming a foundation for the future of West Union students. The Fund provides a unique opportunity for alumni, friends and supporters of academic excellence for West Union Schools to join in partnership, making a significant difference in educational funding, while reshaping the lives of young people. Contributions to the fund supplement traditional funding sources, enriching and enhancing the educational experience of students in the West Union School District, affording greater opportunities for learning that is linked to future success.

The challenges of quality education are real in Appalachian Ohio. Statistics reveal that students from this region face greater challenges in achieving satisfactory test scores, financing for higher education and college completion. Yet, where educational enhancements are made, improvement increases significantly. Research also reveals that students who successfully complete advanced educational opportunities earn higher salaries, receive greater employment benefits, and are less likely to fall victim to poverty.

Though educational and community funding may be limited, the Fund is designed to provide permanent resources, supporting increased cultural and educational opportunities for West Union School students and their teachers that would otherwise be unavailable. Special programs and activities, field trips, educator training, and scholarships represent just a few examples of the benefits this Fund represents for the children of our community.

Your Contribution is a Permanent Investment

No contribution is too small or too large. Gifts are tax-deductible and will be placed in a permanent endowment with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio’s West Union Schools Alumni and Friends Educational Fund. Only the Fund’s earnings will be spent on programs and educational needs.

As the Fund grows with your gifts, so do the resources that become available, while always retaining the principal for a lasting investment in the future of children in West Union Schools.

Thank You to the Following Partners for Donations and Pledge

  • Gladys (Reynolds) Stultz ‘45
  • W. H. Dulaney ‘51
  • Norma Ruth (Riffle) Groh ‘51
  • Florence Mason ‘52
  • Martha (Kincaid) Clinger ‘53
  • Nancy (Hattan) Miller ‘53
  • William Riffle ‘53
  • Bob Blake ’54
  • Henry and Eleanor (Grooms) Dudgeon ’56
  • Marion Riffle ’56
  • Rebecca (Hattan) Andrews ’58
  • Glenna (Roush) Grooms ’58
  • Linda (Nickoson) Haines ’58
  • John B. West ’58
  • Janet (Perrin) Campbell ‘62
  • Dean Cole ’64
  • Vicki (Vogler) West ’65
  • Thomas & Debbie (Sininger) Hazelbaker ‘68
  • Dennis Sizemore ‘75
  • Michael Pell ‘81
  • Roy Gabbert, Jr. ‘83

Donations and Pledges from Businesses and Other Special Friends

  • Barry’s Chevrolet Buick, Inc.
  • Commac Foods Inc (Frisch’s Big Boy)
  • First State Bank
  • H. Dudgeon Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Huntley Auto Supply
  • Kirker Insurance
  • Patricia Kennedy
  • Monarch Construction
  • Motorist Insurance Group
  • National Bank of Adams County
  • Richmond Insurance Agency
  • State Farm Insurance Agency
  • Thompson-Meeker Funeral Home, LLC
  • Western & Southern Financial Fund

Donations and Pledges Made in Loving Memory

  • John Asher
  • Lynn Arnold
  • Eilenne Blake
  • Robert Brewer
  • Jo Ann Bublitz
  • Ron Clark
  • Paul Cowan
  • Debbie (McGowan) Davis
  • R. Thomas Dunkin DDS
  • Pauline Fenwick
  • Raymond L. Folz
  • Wayne Gardner
  • Betty Gill
  • Darla (Fenwick) Greif
  • Patricia Ledward
  • Marjorie MacDonald
  • James McFarland
  • Ronald Poole
  • Georgia Riffle
  • Gail Ryan
  • Vic Shaffer
  • Robert Sheehan
  • Arthur Thomas
  • Hillard Weinberg
  • Paul Wylie

Donations and Pledges Made in Honor and Recognition

  • William Riffle

Donations are Ways You Can Make a Difference for the Future

  1. Partner in our goal of growing to $1 million by 2014 through your pledge of $100 annually for 10 years.
  2. Impact the million dollar goal by reaching out to other alumni and asking them to do the same!
  3. Remember the loss of your loved one or special friend with a gift made in their memory.
  4. Honor a friend, colleague, mentor or a teacher who made a difference, through a gift in recognition of the contribution made to your life.

To Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation or pledge to the West Union School Alumni & Friends Educational Fund, please mail to West Union Schools Alumni Fund, P.O. Box 444, West Union, OH 45693. You may also make an on-line donation by clicking here, please be sure to note West Union Fund in the designation box. For more information, please contact the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio at 740-753-1111.