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Donor Spotlight

Jo Ellen Diehl Yeary | Generosity rooted in pride, remembrance, dedication to home

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Previous Jenco Award recipients

The Jenco Foundation Fund was established with the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) to provide awards to unsung heroes who give their time, talent and passion in ways that contribute to quality of life in Appalachian Ohio. In the past, the Jenco Foundation Fund has honored a wide array of exceptional individuals who have been active in furthering Father Jenco’s vision of philanthropy.

Past award recipients include:

  • 2022: Melissa O’Harra Brown, David Butcher, Jane Cavarozzi, Kyle Johnson, Therese Fieler Lackey and Dr. Logan Minter
  • 2021: Bobbyjon Bauman, Roxanne Groff, Denise Lucas, Megan Macke, and Patty Mitchell
  • 2020: Roberta “Bobbi” Bishop, Lillian Ford, Karen Kumpf, Josh Montgomery, and Clinton Nowicke
  • 2019: Cathy Barney, Dottie Fromal, Theo Hutchinson, Sam Jones, Jennifer Sheets
  • 2018: Ada Woodson Adams, Dan Palmer, K. Allene Kilgore, Grant Plummer, Tami Phillips, and Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Shaw

Ada Woodson Adams

Dan Palmer

K. Allene Kilgore

Grant Plummer

Tami Phillips

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Shaw

  • 2017: Jared ‘Jed’ Butcher, Vicki Laudick Casey, Jerry and Tammy Foster, Mitchell ‘Mick’ Schumacher, Pamela Trimmer, and Don McKendry
  • 2016: Robin Bozian, Becky Cropper, Carl Felger, Kari Gunter-Seymour Peterson, Amy Hill, Linda Lake, and Barbara Summers
    • 2007: David Deci, Theresa McCune, Henry Burke, Margaret Tabler, and Frank Hare.
    • 2006: Robert Smiddie, Rhonda Bentley, Sister Brendan Conlan, Lorraine Myers, Arlene Sheak, and Adrienne Nagy
    • 2005: Ric Mcdowell, Shirley Whan, Lisa Roberts, Cindy Yeager, Ann Stempel, and Catherine Hare
    • 2004: Jack Spadaro, Sandra Shirey,Reggie Robinson, James Couts, Donna Sue Groves, and Cheryl Withrow
    • 2003: Irene Flowers, Elise Mitchell, and Susan Burt
    • 2002: Keith Wasserman, Carol Kuhre, Tom O’Grady, and Deanna Tribe

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