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2015 Jenco Award Recipient – Bill Crawford

guitarWhile watching his two sons participate in a basketball camp, Bill Crawford was struck by the fact that so many kids don’t have the same opportunity to participate in the rites of passage that many other kids take for granted. To make sure that no student misses out on the important extracurricular activities that define childhood, Bill founded the Team Mojo Foundation.

For his visionary leadership serving youth in the tri-state community, Bill was recognized with a 2015 Jenco Award from the Jenco Foundation Fund at the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio.

Bill serves as Executive Director for the Team Mojo Foundation, serving kids in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. In this volunteer role, he coordinates efforts that allow students from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia schools to have experiences they would not otherwise have. These experiences include sports teams and camps, music lessons, school dances, field trips, and other camps. basketballThrough partnerships with schools in the area, Bill and Team Mojo Foundation volunteers find eligible students to participate in the program while establishing partnerships that allow the Foundation to fund these experiences.

“Creating the Team Mojo Foundation was really about making sure kids didn’t miss out on the defining experiences of childhood and adolescence,” added Bill. “Many of us consider these milestones as basic rites of passage, but we are surrounded by students who can’t participate. It’s opportunities like those Team Mojo makes possible that help kids shine.”

team mojoPeople like Bill Crawford exemplify the everyday heroes in our communities who go above and beyond to serve others.
The Jenco Foundation Fund at FAO is honored to shine a light on these everyday heroes in our communities throughout Appalachian Ohio.