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Funding Opportunity: Fostering Youth Resiliency

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio (FAO) and the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation of Nelsonville (OHFN) are offering funding awards to public and nonprofit organizations, including public schools, working to address the social, economic, educational, and health challenges faced by young people in Appalachian Ohio. Applications are now closed and funding decisions will be announced by November 16, 2020.

FAO and OHFN are offering this opportunity given the critical role of childhood development on lifelong well-being, and the extraordinary challenges youth face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Projects will encourage the development of protective factors among young people. Examples of protective factors supporting youth include academic success; emotional self-regulation; coping and problem-solving skills; increased self-esteem; supportive relationships with family members; connecting with mentors; physical and psychological safety; or engagement and connections with school, peers, employment, or community – including the ability to connect through technology.

Funding Intent

  • Funding will be used to promote programming focused on building resiliency for youth (pre-school age through age 18) and address challenges faced by young people, including those associated with COVID-19 and its social, economic, educational, and health effects.
  • Priority will be given to organizations focused on young people who experience risk factors that jeopardize their ability to thrive and achieve.
  • Funding will be used to support an organization’s efforts to develop, expand and/or improve the quality of youth resiliency programming. Funds may be used to increase youth access to opportunities, for example, through computer and data connections needed to participate in programming that has transitioned to a virtual environment.

Examples of how funding awards may be used include, but are not limited to:

  • Tutoring and mentoring;
  • Behavioral health services;
  • Support groups;
  • Trauma-informed approaches to services, including virtual services;
  • Remote learning tools, including hardware and software;
  • Services for meeting the needs of special education and therapy;
  • Service learning and volunteer opportunities; and
  • Prevention programs.

This opportunity also aims to address the unmet, basic needs of the young people, thereby enabling greater access to additional services designed to develop resilience. Possible use of funds may include:

  • Food;
  • Personal care items;
  • Clothing, outerwear, shoes, and face coverings; and
  • Transportation.

Funding Availability & Grant Period

Up to $350,000 is available through this funding opportunity; grant awards are anticipated to range from $10,000 to $30,000 per organization.

Funding decisions will be announced by November 16, 2020. The grant period will begin in November, 2020 and conclude in July, 2021. Funded organizations will be asked to submit a mid-term progress report, participate in a mid-year call to share lessons learned to date, and submit a final report. Funding decisions will be informed by organizational size, capacity, demonstrated need of youth being served, and the opportunities being created to develop resilience.