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Funding Opportunity: Strengthen Civics Education in Appalachian Ohio

Educating and equipping strong citizens is essential to strong communities and a strong democracy. That’s why the Longaberger Family Foundation and the I’m a Child of Appalachia Fund at the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio are offering grants to K-12 public educators and nonprofit service providers.

Projects should encourage students to acquire a broad, deep knowledge base in subjects integral to robust citizenship, forge positive relationships with the self and wider-world, and work to analyze different views to feel empowered to participate in civic life. Please sign up for the Foundations e-newsletter regarding for updates on the next Civics Education grant cycle!

To learn more about past civics education grantees, you can learn more about 2020 here and 2021 grantees here.

A shift in priorities to focus on STEM education and standardized testing has led to a
decline in resources available to implement a robust civics education. According to an
Educating for American Democracy study, the federal government spends on average
$50 per student annually in STEM education, compared to just 5 cents per year per
student for civics education.

This shift has created a gap in knowledge of civics education, with a significant impact
on low income and nonwhite students. On the 2018 National Assessment of Educational
Progress (NAEP) civics exam, students who qualified for the National School Lunch
Program scored 30 points below their upper and middle income counterparts.

An effective civics education provides students with the knowledge, skills, and disposition necessary to become informed and engaged citizens. This grant program seeks to support those efforts by providing educators with resources to actively implement civics education opportunities for K-12 public school students.

Eligibility and Application Information

Applications will be accepted from K-12 public educators and nonprofit service providers throughout the 32 counties of Appalachian Ohio.

Applicants must demonstrate administrative approval for grant applications. This might include a principal, a curriculum director, or superintendent depending on the nature of the project and your school’s reporting lines. Applicants must submit this form to demonstrate administrative approval.

Requests must be between $500 and $5,000, and more than $30,000 in funding is available.

For additional information on this opportunity and eligibility requirements, click here. Examples of Civics Education projects and resources can be found here.