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FAO Awarded National Standards Certification

In order to achieve Confirmation of Compliance with the National Standards, community foundations must undergo an extensive review of their organizational and financial policies and procedures. The review is performed by trained, experienced community foundation practitioners and is the same for all foundations, regardless of size. Of the nearly 700 community foundations in the United States, more than 500 have pledged to comply with the National Standards. To date, more than 200 community foundations have been found in compliance with the standards. The standards also stress the importance of transparency and financial responsibility in light of the increased public scrutiny of foundation practices. In addition, National Standards were developed to distinguish community foundations from other philanthropic vehicles, build the capacity of community foundations to carry out their missions and assist with self-regulation in a manner viewed positively by the Internal Revenue Service.

Adopting and adhering to high standards is the best way we can demonstrate our ongoing commitment to maintaining the trust of our donors and the entire region. As we continue to grow, we are committed to maintaining the high legal, professional and ethical standards that this certification requires in order for FAO to be nationally recognized.  Appalachian Ohio is deserving of no less.