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Donor Spotlight

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Investment Philosophy

The Foundation prudently manages endowment funds with the goal of growing a fund’s principal while producing interest and earnings to support charitable activities now, and in the future. This requires a disciplined, diversified approach, guided by a sound policy constantly monitored and adapted to address evolving market conditions and realities.

As a result, the Foundation has developed and regularly reviews its Investment Policy Statement specific to the management of endowed funds and the creation of intergenerational equity. Clear performance benchmarks are established and investment managers are hired to implement the policy. FAO’s Chief Investment Officer, along with the Business and Finance Committee and FAO Board of Trustees, regularly monitor performance to FAO’s Market Index benchmark and policy compliance. FAO’s disciplined oversight of investment managers ensures accountability, protects from unnecessary fees, and ensures decisions lead to intergenerational value of the portfolio.

Our investment philosophy is that endowment management must be a highly disciplined, well-monitored process. Endowment management is not about market timing, but rather, requires a long-term approach – it is essential to have a diversified asset allocation strategy to generate more consistent returns and protect from extreme market fluctuation. As a result, FAO’s asset allocation supports today’s need by investing in less volatile assets that provide current return – like fixed income and dividend paying U. S. equities, and supports tomorrow’s needs by investing in assets that will contribute to growth to keep ahead of inflation – international equities and alternative assets.

If you have questions or would like to discuss FAO’s Investment Philosophy further, please call 740.753.1111.