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Antiracism Resources

The Foundation for Appalachian Ohio stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and condemns the racist murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. Our hearts go out to the victims of these and all other racist attacks, to their families, and to anyone in our country who fears for their own safety on a daily basis as a result of their race or identity. We know that we must work so much harder to end racial injustice, and to promote diversity and inclusion through FAO and across all of Appalachian Ohio. We encourage you to join us. For ideas of how you can begin this work, including with the children of Appalachia in your lives, check out the resources below.

Resources for the Youngest Children of Appalachia

  • Have children who love to read with you? EmbraceRace works to foster discussions and share resources that can help create inclusive and resilient communities. They have compiled a list of 31 children’s book to support conversations on race, racism and resistance.
  • FAO’s partner First Book is committed to helping educators create equitable and inclusive learning environments. Find some free resources on diversity and inclusion here.

Resources for the Children of Appalachia (of all ages)

  • Looking for a comprehensive list of antiracist books and other media to help you on a your learning journey or to share with the children in your life? Writer Alyssa Klein and filmmaker and activist Sarah Sophie Flicker have compiled a public Google Doc with over 75 resources on anti-racism designed for white people and parents.
  • Your public library is a great place to learn more about antiracism. Here is a list from Athens County Public Libraries to get you started.

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